In the Silence

Dear Silent Types,

A couple of weeks ago I preached in Renzi, Mississippi near Booneville, just north of Tupelo at our sister congregation Hopewell Baptist. For our text I selected Mark 1: 29-39. The special focus of my sermon was verse 35, “Jesus got up early and went out to a secluded spot to pray.”

A prayer from Glen E. Rainsley-                                                                                                

       “The words peace and quiet seem to go together quite naturally. They describe a state many of us long for, seek, and cherish.

        We experience peace and quiet in a variety of ways.

        When a cluster of children, flock of family, or crowd of visitors leave us, there is the peace and quiet of being alone.

         When a storm finally abates and the noises of rain and wind and thunder fade, there is the peace that follows a time of turbulence.

         When two people share one another’s company with a sense of silent understanding hovering between them, there is the peace and quiet of a secure relationship.

         When a walk through a park calms the restless emotions inside of us, there is the peace and quiet of God’s creation granting us serenity.

         Within silent prayer, we discover the peace and quiet in which God is met.”


True silent prayer engages us with our living God who transforms and creates us anew. You go forth never to be quite the same, changed a little or lot by our creator in whose image we were formed.

When Jesus' disciples find him deep in prayer they say, "Hey come back to do some more miracles, you are a rock star to the people you have met." Jesus responds, ”No we are moving on to new places.” May our silent time with God encourage us to go and serve in new places.

Read Mark 1:29-39 for further reflection.

Prayers: For our preparations for Lenten season, and for Ash Wednesday which is one week from today, February 26th. That our time of silent prayer will send us forth as new creations to follow Jesus in the world.

God's blessings,

Pastor David J. Jensen



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