No one's faith is perfect and mine is probably farther from this ideal than most.  Because of this, I find great comfort in the Old Testament at the number of times the Jews stray from God and worship Baal, idols, etc.  The Gospels are also very comforting when I read about the imperfect faith of Jesus' disciples.  Thomas doubts while Peter denies Jesus three times in a single evening.

One of my favorite passages is The Great Commission in Matthew 28:16 - 17:
"Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told                 them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted."

Another passage that gives me great comfort is Chapter 9 of Mark verses 14 through 29.                                      A man's son is possessed by an evil spirit and he asks Jesus "if you can do anything, take pity on us and                help us."  Jesus replies, "If you can?  Everything is possible for him who believes."  (I like how Jesus is a              bit insulted that someone has asked him if he "can".  Of course, there is nothing he can't do!)

For me, the comforting part of this passage is the father's response to Jesus when he says, "I do believe; help me with my unbelief!"  Then Jesus heals the son in two seconds.

I think the Bible demonstrates over and over again that our faith doesn't have to be perfect.  These are just a couple of examples.  These give me great peace and comfort - a "peace that transcends all understanding."   

I do believe; help me with my unbelief!  Amen

Brad Gauen

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