I want to see

Then Jesus said to him, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ The blind man said to him, ‘My teacher, let me see again.’ Mark 10:51

How well do you see?  I must wear glasses, with progressive lenses, to be able to see anything really well.  So, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and technology, I can see.

But now the question is, “How well do you see?”  When I look out the window of my home or the window of my car, what do I see?  I can see the wonders of God’s creation: the mountains, trees, birds, open space and sky.  But do I see what God sees?  Do I see where there are hurts?  Do I see humans in need?  Am I really seeing what is going on?

We all have special lenses that filter what we see.  Sometimes there are things we don’t want to see: that homeless person on the corner; the person sitting alone at the edge of the gathering; the trash on the sidewalk.  Perhaps we need to have some filter or it would be too much for our heads and our hearts to take in.   

I wonder though, how that “filter” keeps me from truly engaging in life with Jesus.  What would God have me see?  How would having my eyes opened transform my life?  What am I missing?

May we be like Bartimaeus, who shouted for Jesus’ attention and asked to be able to see!  Jesus is willing to listen and Jesus is willing to help us see. 

Can’t wait to see you and your guests tomorrow in worship at 11:00 am as we welcome Peter Mayer.

God bless you,

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