I Didn't Want a Dog!

I have never really been a “dog person.” While we had a dog on the farm, growing up, our family has only had cats in the past 23 years. Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone else’s dogs (most of the time), just never wanted one of our own. I felt it would be like having another kid, and 4 was plenty for me. Our kids were always “satisfied” with a cat and weren’t asking for a dog, so I felt life was good in the pet department.

Fast forward to early this summer. My 20 year old son was making frequent visits to the Buddy Center, talking about getting a dog. What, seriously? After several in depth conversations with him regarding the myriad of reasons why becoming a dog owner at his age, and while still living at home was not a great idea, I thought he and I were in agreement. At some point, his therapist told him that he needed to find something that would bring happiness, purpose and structure to his life …(I’m thinking a job! Garrett was thinking a puppy.)

Against his mother’s wishes, Garrett brought home a very tiny (3 ½ lbs) puppy in early July. Are there any dogs that are fully grown at 6 weeks? I literally cried for 2 hours straight, telling him I did not want a dog in the house! He cried too, saying there was no way he could give little Murphy away, as he was already 2 days into ownership. Interestingly enough, the puppy that was supposed to be a Lab/German Shepherd mix, turned out to be Staffordshire Terrier/Dalmatian. (One may ask how do you know…well, the vet recommended a DNA test of course! The things we do for our pets and kids! I also recently purchased Age-Defying Cat food for my 12 year old feline!)

We are now about 12 weeks into dog ownership. While many of my concerns have in fact come to fruition, the proverbial cat is out of the bag…The puppy who I tried my hardest to stay distant from is in my heart. While watching me garden with Murphy at my side, my husband made the comment that “Garrett knew what he was doing, the dog is just what YOU needed.” Ha! Ok, maybe I do like taking him on walks and discussing with the boys what funny things he has done while they were off at work. And it warms my heart at how excited he gets when he hears Garrett’s car pulling in, or his voice calling.  And…

What is the point here? The point is that sometimes the thing you think you least want, is the thing that you need the most. Something to think about, huh? During church last Sunday, Vikki alluded to upcoming events we will be having and showed a funny video about a guy inviting a friend to go to church with him. I’m sure we all know people-friends, co-workers, neighbors-who, when you mention something you did with a church group or in my case, how great I feel after going to church, start the litany of comments about how they wish they had gotten “into” church, how they wish they had time for it, or if the kids didn’t have games on Sundays, they would like to go to church. Many things in our busy lives prevent us from doing the things that might be the best thing for us. Some of those folks we know have had previous unpleasant experiences with church, so think that is the last thing they want to do! Maybe it’s time we extend an invitation, because even though the last thing I wanted was a dog….I love the dog and it does bring happiness and purpose, but structure…not so much!

Andrea Heshmati

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