How Can I Lose?

I recently went to a Christian concert and it was wonderful. God said to one of the lead singers that you believe in me but are you willing to follow me? Will you drop everything and truly follow me? The group lived in their car and toured across the country. I ask myself the same question. But I am scared. I have fear that I won’t accomplish anything. I have a good job and nice home. Will someone harm or injure me? God has you in the palm of his hand so how can anybody harm you? Are you willing to follow Him? I am so afraid. I am just a single person. How can I make an impact when so many people are in need? How can I save the world by myself? God is not asking you to do that. All strength and drive comes from Christ. He is the one accomplishing things through you. There is no fear or anxiety. Christ works through you.

I remember when I was a young Christian. I was a house on fire. A group of us evangelized all over the place. My mission was to convert every Asian in my university to Christ. When I got a job, I wanted to convert all the people at work to Christ. When I got to Denver with a new job and saw the statistic that Asians in Denver have the lowest percentage of Christians in the whole country, I wanted to convert every Asian person in Denver. But later on, I realized that was all about what I  had wanted, not what Christ wanted. I wanted to convert. It was my agenda and it was the best. But it was useless. Everything is about Christ’s agenda, not yours. Christ is the head of the Church. If we are the foot of the body, we can’t be both the foot and the hands. If we are that, then we can’t be the leg too and so on. It doesn’t work like that. Everybody in the body of the Church must work together in order for God to be glorified.

I remember studying the parable of the seeds. I know quite a few of my brothers and sisters in Christ that were like the seeds choked by the weeds which is due to the distractions of the world. There is nothing wrong with making money and raising your family, but if you leave Christ out of your life and concentrate on possessing worldly things, this is not good. How is it good for a man to gain the whole world and give up his soul? During this Christmas season, I’ve seen people shoving and pushing people just to get that iPad or game software. What is the point of that? People are so wrapped up in consuming things that they forget the meaning of Christmas in which a savior is born. We should concentrate on possessing spiritual gifts and not worldly gifts. I think the world would be a better place.

It is our nature to be afraid to step into new things. We feel so secure when we are in our comfort zones with our nice jobs and nice homes. I don’t think Christ wants to take that away. God never gives us things we cannot handle. I think as we grow in our Christian walk, there are certain avenues that God wants us to try and get into. It might be hard, but it is worth it. Maybe it's  becoming a pastor. Some are missionaries in different countries. God places us where we are supposed to be to grow are spiritual gifts. We can go out there and hand out food and clothing to people in need. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people living in the streets. It can be friends and relatives that are struggling with life. It is better to give than receive. As a child, I thought that was totally off. But as I grew up, it made more sense. It feels really good to help somebody in need. As this year winds down, help somebody in need and you will discover the true meaning of Happy New Year.

Stan Yee

Matthew 10:39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

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