Hovering Spirit

Dear Adventers,

“The life-giving Spirit of God will hover over them…” Isaiah 11:2. What does it mean that the Spirit “hovers”?

This fall, while sitting at a football game being played by upper elementary school students, I was distracted by a constant buzzing. After a short survey of the area, I noticed  the noise was coming from above. Upon gazing into the sky, sure enough there was a drone hovering above us. The drone's task was to follow all the action in the game, to assist the coaches and players with strategic changes.  Perched high in the sky, this small aircraft was positioned to insure nothing got missed.

The Spirit of the Lord hovers all around us. God does not miss one thing. The invitation that comes along with that, is that God is not to be missed. Rob Bell became famous for saying “all things are spiritual.”  One of the great anticipations of Advent is that the spiritual which surrounds us in abundance will come into ever greater focus and reality in our lives as Christ prepares to be birthed anew.

See Isaiah 11:1-10 for further reflection. Where in particular might you see a green shoot coming out of stump? Where is there a sign of life amongst us, where it had appeared there was a lack of life? Where is the Spirit hovering in places potentially presumed to be God forsaken?

“To see what is in front of one’s nose is a constant struggle.” ~George Orwell

 “In our society, we devalue sunsets simply because we do not have to pay for them.”               ~Oscar Wilde

Prayers: For all leaders,  for the Meadors as they mourn Debbi, for Gloria Mitchell who anticipates moving from the hospital to a rehab facility at anytime, for Linda Mercer who had back surgery on Monday, and for the Gods Grace ministry team currently lead by Claudia Larson in Nicaragua.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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