Home Warming Party

I recently went to a house warming party and it was wonderful for a new couple with a baby move from Chicago to Denver. They have been living in an apartment and it must have been a big relief for them to move into a house. There is something special about moving into your new house. There seems to be such a bright outlook for the future and your family is proud as the house feels more and more like a home. There were so many people and so much food. They actually wanted people to do something unusual as they gave people markers to write their name and whatever on the walls going to the basement. They wanted to remember who came to their house warming party. The couple felt so loved and their eyes were wide open and bright as the sky.

I think a church should act like a home warming party. People who first come to the Church feel they are visiting their house for the first time but as they come more and more, they feel more and more at home. I know some churches that people have been attending for years but they don’t feel at home. I see people come to church and then leave just like they are visiting a model home. A home is a place where you should feel comfortable and feel loved. Also, people feel open and transparent at home. I feel a church is a place where people share their pain and problems and support comes to them like a flood.

Sometimes I feel that churches these days are losing focus on their roots in the first church. People in the first church made sacrifices so that all people in the church had proper supplies. They were all properly fed and also spiritually fed. Some churches these days focus on money and power and that is definitely losing focus on what is important. The cross should always be the focus of a church. The cross is wide and deep. It is good to affect and help people in your neighborhood and also, the world. This is the wide direction. You can’t forget the deep in which people in the church are supported and spiritually fed through facets like fellowship groups.

So support each other and care for each other. Be open and transparent so the people can help and care for you. It is always good to be back home.

God’s peace,

Stan Yee

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