Dear Travelers,

I have been in California for the last week. Amy and I enjoyed some time together driving Highway 1. The beauty of the coast and rolling ocean is one of my favorite journeys. God has blessed me in my nearly 58 years of life with some great travel. I have had opportunities for adventure beyond what I anticipated as a young boy growing up in Keystone, Iowa.

My hometown had 550 people if you counted a few dogs and cats. That community blessed me in many ways. I was nurtured, cared for and loved by nearly the whole town. We all knew each other’s names. Some of the young people like myself ventured out to see the world, while others remained in the environment of their hometown.  When I get news from the old hometown, more than occasionally, I wonder what life would have been like had I remained there and had those connections surrounding me. 

According to all the jokes I hear about so few of us being “Colorado Natives,” I am not the only one from somewhere else.

Homelessness is an apt metaphor for how people feel in this age of loss and dislocation. Modern people, having detached themselves from place, other people, tradition, and commitments feel uprooted, alienated, and alone. Thus our age is an age when we say we want freedom and independence, but at the same time, complain that we feel we are nobodies from nowhere.

Yet, planted deep within each of us is a desire, a yearning for home.

Christians call that desire Easter hope.

Prayer: Travelers, may you have some time this summer to enter into Easter hope, in the scared space that takes you home with Christ.

This Sunday we begin a summer sermon series on “The Parables.” We start with Mark 4: 30-41.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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