Hiking through Palestine

Luke 8:1  "After this, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him."  

I never really thought much about this verse until recently when I started a fresh book on the life of Jesus entitled Beautiful Outlaw.  The bible doesn't really say much about how Jesus traveled around Judea, Galilee and Jerusalem.  I certainly always skipped over those verses and never wondered how far it is from Galilee to Judea or Cana to Bethany.   I got curious so I looked up the distances. According to Google maps it is 106 miles between Tiberias and Jerusalem via modern highway. Now Jesus did cut through Samaria ( something no self-respecting Rabbi would do) so that cut the trip down to about 80 miles. It's 103 miles from Cana to Bethany (now modern day Eizariya.)  To put that into perspective, it's only 88.4 miles from Denver to Fort Collins and only 57.8 miles from Denver to Colorado Springs.   Jesus did this all the time just walking!  Talk about tired - he did get tired,  and I can understand why! It's tiring sometimes just thinking about driving to Ft. Collins now try thinking about walking there to visit people that may just try and throw you off a cliff or stone you.  You might say that he could have hired a camel to go everywhere but remember Jesus didn't have a place to lay his head and only borrowed a donkey once. He'd probably would not even have enough for bus fare today!

What struck me most was not the distances he walked but that he did it routinely and tenaciously...trying to spread the good news to Jews and Gentiles alike.   He walked the walk and talked the talk like no one else on earth.  Most important to me is that Jesus did all this traveling to reach out to us....one-on-one or to multitudes alike, as if our lives depended on it.  I love Him for that!

p.s. Jesus walked 3,125 miles during His 3-year public Ministry.

Greetings from Bavaria!

Matt Schneider

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