Healing the World

You can heal the world!  Each one of us can heal the world. Yes, it's true. Each, every one of us can be healing the world. And not just our little corner, as we humbly suppose. But: the world!

Because all is connected to each and what you do has ripples that extend far, way beyond your imagination.

It is the world that needs healing from all the hurt, hurts, and hurting.

And what you do, even what I do, is bringing the healing we need. Whether you touch one person, or thousands, it matters not. What you do brings healing into the world.  

Dave Erickson-Pearson belongs in this space.

Jan, here, helping him out today.

He's swamped, wonderfully busy finding leaders for the organizations that are healing the world. That is his professional job, and he's an expert at bringing his superb, well-honed analytical skills into a brilliant, unique synergy with his powerful intuitive sensibility to go way beyond simply making an ordinary skill match, to creating and discovering for each client, and each potential candidate, a near-as-it-can-come-to perfect fit.  That heals the world, it does.

That's big. But there's more.

I am severely ill. On a typical day I'm making simple, elementary drawings;  I am "grounding," as my psychiatrist pleads with me to do "headrest" and "bedrest."  Not using my brain. Not charging around. It's sometimes humiliating but I can tell from within that it is the right way for me to be. Somedays are worse than others, terrible, in fact. So...

Dave read to me for five, healing, making-life-tolerable, hours on Saturday. That is his other primary vocation for now. Caring for me. I am so grateful!  I need it. And, we trust, it too will have ripples. To bring healing to the world.

We are celebrating Annika this month, her 25th birthday. 1992. We sang back then,  "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow," and we look at Annika and we just can't stop imagining her tomorrows.  At the same time, the world is changing so rapidly that it is in fact hard to imagine her tomorrows. So for now, we focus on today. And on her work, to heal the world. 

Parental bragging rights invoked here:  you'll find her on pages 120-121 of the August  "O  The Oprah Magazine," part of a larger article called "The Beginner's Guide to Making a Difference."   It is filled with all sorts of possibilities to heal the world!   Check them out.  Annika's doing a volunteer gig in the mag. One of many in addition to what she is working on most of the time, which is a serious 'Heal the World" enterprise. We're proud of all she does, and Kaia, too, to bring healing, as they carry out their vocations. 

But. As important:  You.  Healing. The. World.  Each smile, each word that conveys respect and dignity -- chatting with the person (not the clerk, but the)  person  who works the check-out line, a kind comment, a door held open -- believe me, that is huge! -- or a generous tip...  healing the world.

We have many projects that heal the world. Get involved as you are able, and feel called. But know this: even if you spend your afternoon drawing the alphabet, you are part of the healing of the world!  You! 

Jesus, you came to heal. And you did. We undo what you did, and even make things worse. Forgive!  Give us confidence and hope to know that you give us power to heal, too. Bring us healing, and send us out, to give your healing to the world, in our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Amen 

In Peace,

Jan Erickson-Pearson

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