Dear Wounded People,

It is my contention that each of us is wounded by something or someone. We each stand with the lame man in John 5 in need of healing.  Jesus asks us the same question, ” Do you want to be made well?”(John 5:6)

On the surface that seems pretty straight forward and one might suspect the answer from most to be,”YES !”  When in reality many say “no.” Part of the human condition of sin is that we are often tempted to remain glued to our addictions and the comfort of how things are versus taking the courage to be made well.

One of the giants on this planet in the area of Christian wellness will be with us next weekend. He is going to spend all of next Saturday with our tribe and any of your friends you desire to bring. Dr. Hardel has been leader in the larger church and a mentor of mine for decades.  Here is one of the quotes he lifts up regarding wellness, “ People who are well cannot praise God with their whole lives. Praising God with heart , soul , mind , and strength takes breath. People who are not well are people who are out of breath---breath of God. In chapter six of the Book of Ephesians we are reminded that God wants quality of life for people. Wellness is not just eating or not eating certain foods, being a particular weight, or having a proper level of cholesterol. ‘ That may be well with you and you may live long on the earth ‘ involves relationships of parents with their children, how we treat other people , how we image God to all creation and steward creation, how we deal with emotions, how we live our faith within our occupation, and how we pass on faith.  Wellness is not the lack of illness, but a Christ centered balance. “            Dr. Dick Hardel

I would ask that you prayerfully consider coming this Saturday to Paris Elementary (1635 Paris St., Aurora ,Co 80010) for a Saturday workshop form 9am to 4pm with Dr. Hardel. Before us is a rare opportunity to sit at the feet of one of the great spiritual giants of the faith and to be transformed. I urge you to accept the invitation to be part of this day. Your participation will make a difference in your life and the life of another(s). The accused shooter of the Aurora movie theater massacre lived in an apartment overlooking the school.  Meeting in our mission partners' facility will allow Jesus by our presence to further the healing and offer fresh hope to the community.

Dr. Hardel consistently urges followers of Jesus to remember, “Christ makes life exciting.” Is your life lacking in something but you are not sure what? Do you desire more” excitement” in your life?  Let God fill the emptiness, mend a wound, and recalibrate your life for new adventures with Jesus! “Do you want to be made well?”

If you have questions let me know at 720-341-8766 david.jensen@godsgracecc.com

Or contact Nancy Nickoley at 720-933-5931 or nancy.nickoley@godsgracecc.com

You can also see information about the day on the Gods Grace Community Church website at www.GodsGraceCC.com

As our Executive Minster Vikki Luce is fond of saying, come and,” Let God change the way you think.”

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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