Head to the Mountaintop

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Have you ever been afraid to come from the mountaintop experience? For instance have you ever been reluctant to come back from a great place like Hawaii because you are not sure what you will find in the realities of life’s valleys?

In Exodus 32, Moses is face to face with God. He clutches some handwritten notes numbered one through ten including footnotes. As he descends back down Mt. Sinai, he begins to hear a party. For Moses it is like a parent coming home from the best vacation of all time and finding out your kids are in process of throwing a keggar at your address. Exodus 32 is a story of the uncertainty surrounding ever coming down from the mountaintop experience with God.

We hold tightly to those great times in life with God… A quiet walk in the woods, a week at a mountain retreat or our feet in the white coral sand alone with a significant other. Then we come down to the real world. It is imperative that we understand that the purpose of the mountains is to deal with the valleys. The rhythm of mountaintop connections to God and serving in the valley provide the repetitions that allow us to build spiritual muscle.

In Matthew 17: 1-14, Jesus takes some of his significant others- Peter, James and John up on the mountaintop. The heavens are split open and God divulges for the second time (first was at Jesus' baptism) that, ”This is my son the beloved…(vs. 5).” In other words, HEY I DEARLY LOVE THIS GUY, AND HE IS MY CHILD! Peter steps up and says hey this is really a nifty moment in human history here, what if we build some modest homes and just stay here for good?

Jesus did not give Peter’s words much of a hearing, and the group found their way down the mountain. Then, in vs. 14, they were engaged by a man whose child was sick with “epileptic like symptoms.” Into the valley of reality Jesus went and he began healing and serving. Jesus’ ministry was blessed by the valley in that he was ‘beloved’ by God. Jesus was the “dearly loved son of God.” With such identity, nothing is impossible.

As followers of Jesus, we share in the promise that we are beloved children of God. When this identity is in question or challenged we need to get to the mountaintop, and then return to the valley. Jesus will meet you on the mountaintop this day and heal you and affirm you as his own. When you return to the valley you will have the capability to meet the obstacles of life. You can find the strength to love the child, listen to the upset client, hold the hand of the loved one whose been diagnosed and meet the financial challenge in your path.

Blessed are the beloved of God,

David J. Jensen

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