Head to Heart

I like hanging out with people younger than me, a lot younger than me.  I like talking to kids – kids of all ages.  I guess I’ve never really wanted to grow up.  Some of my favorite books are picture books.  I like to play games.  I want to know the name of the bird that’s singing.  I like to color.  I can find lots of ways to not do my chores.  I want to laugh and will do so at the silliest of jokes.


When Jesus says (Mark 10:15) we must have the faith of a child to “get” the kingdom of God I think, “Yeah, I’m there.”  I’m not sure my faith is ever going to be mature.   I have questions, I argue, I think I can do it all by myself, and I am sure I don’t understand the rules.   


I think that’s why Jesus wants us to move from head to our hearts.  In our heads, we think that we need to know everything, have the information sorted, filed and processed.  In our heads, we organize people and ideas according to what we think is right and what is wrong.  In our heads, we think and study and analyze and seek “truth.”  And, it all stays in our heads.


Moving to our hearts is not easy.  So Jesus tells us to be like children.   We can use our hands to touch and feel and explore and get dirty and play and be like him.  Oh, is it ever hard to step out of our grown up selves and into our inner children.  But it sure sounds like a lot more fun! 


Thank you Jesus for teaching us to move from our heads to our hearts so that we may follow you into service.  Help us to find the joy and wonder in a life following you as a called, unique and beloved child of God.  Amen.


Vikki Luce



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