He didn't come for the children...

My son Zach and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks in the theater before the Academy Awards. Just a few weeks ago, Zach and I watched the movie again with Terry. The movie is quite good, if you haven’t seen it. I recommend it.

A lot of people think the movie is about the making of the Walt Disney Classic Mary Poppins. To be honest it is the underscore of the movie.

I am not going to ruin the movie for you, so you can keep reading.

P.L.Travers wrote a number of books about Mary Poppins, the magical nanny who comes for a short time to 17 Cherry Tree Lane, to help the Banks family. To help them with their brokenness and failed relationships. In the movie Saving Mr. Banks- the movie is filled with flash backs for P.L Travers and her relationship with her father.
In the movie there is a line “ she didn’t come to save the children.” Very powerful. Because unlike the movie Jesus Christ did come to save the children, to save the moms and dads, the brothers, the sisters, the aunts, the uncles, HE came to save us all. He died for our sins, and asked nothing in return.

You may think I am stretching to tie this movie to Christ coming for us as a magical nanny came to help one family. Go see the movie, rent it from Red Box, buy it at Sam’s club- whatever, you will be moved by the brokenness of the characters; you will be swept away in the relationships. Afterward you will look up and thank Jesus Christ for coming to help us, dying on the cross to save us. Amen

Maureen Herzog

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