Happy New Year, Again?

The Chinese have the special opportunity of celebrating New Year’s twice in one year. Chinese New Year has always been a special holiday in the Chinese culture. People are celebrating the holiday with firecrackers, dragon dance, colorful decorations, and of course, mounds and mounds of food. In China, it is almost a whole week affair. They serve a grand banquet like everyday. There is one different thing that Chinese do that Americans don’t on New Years. There is a tradition that married folk are supposed to give unmarried children, relatives, or friends a red envelope. The envelope is small but yet very festive and decorative and it contains, you guessed it, cash. It could be a dollar or two but sometimes I’ve seen people give a 20. It is a sign of good luck and future prosperity

I think God has a whole truckload of these red envelopes that He gives to people. It does not contain cash, but something even better- treasures in heaven. It is for future prosperity. Sometimes you will know when you get it and sometimes you don’t. God gives you the red envelope in secret or in public. After some time, you will see the contents of the red envelope blossom in your life. Some people get patience in times of great worrying. Some people get strength, when they feel they cannot go on. Some get peace and joy when their life is so turbulent. God never puts you in a situation that you cannot handle. You will always learn and gain much knowledge and experience through God’s trials and exercises. Those red envelopes do help.

I think something else that has many red envelopes in it, is the scriptures. God has always been there for His people. There are many stories in which people have received red envelopes from God and had much prosperity from them. They always trust God in every situation. If you ever get a chance to take a look at Chinese New Year red envelopes, remember God loves you and your future.

In Christ,

Stan Yee

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