Great Faith

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the 15th Chapter of Matthew, verse 28, Jesus tells a woman, “ ‘…great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish.’ And her daughter was healed instantly.”

A woman comes to Jesus asking for his “mercy” in healing her daughter. Jesus’ closest insiders, the disciples said, ”Send her away, she is not part of our mission field….we were sent only for the lost sheep of Israel.” (Matt 15:24,25). It is a very interesting and disturbing dialogue, at one point the woman is even referenced by Jesus as a “dog.” (Matthew 15: 26,27)

The interaction of Jesus, the disciples and this Canaanite woman is one that no person will ever completely master. It is a story ripe with enough teaching for a lifetime. One thing we do know is the woman is not willing to die on the hill of humiliation. She will not go away upset and offended. The woman hangs in there through words of humiliation and events most would find upsetting. The tenacious ways of the mother of the sick child are a lesson for us all.

Do you want “great faith”? Miracles come to those who are willing to be offended for Jesus. Great faith comes to those who will not die on a hill of humiliation. The world is full of those with a tale to tell of how God let them down. Many people will tell you a story of how God or the people of God have left them offended. Humans often lack the courage or stamina to move through moments of humiliation. If you want “great faith” follow Jesus through events that offend, and humiliate. The one who was spat upon on the cross did not let the offenses or humiliations of humanity stop him, rather Jesus said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do,” so that we might have “GREAT FAITH!”

May we each seek to receive “great faith.”

See you on Sunday.

Still in one peace,

David J. Jensen

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