"Greacing" the Stress Points

OK, I admit it. I allow Stress to get to me way more than I should. Sometimes I think I can handle it on my own (yeah, right!). Sometimes it can be very debilitating, even manifesting in so-called anxiety attacks, where the fight or flight impulse is overwhelming. Sometimes it manifests in lost memory, diminished ability to think clearly, or simply missing the joy in life.

One day a few years ago, I had an experience at a Friday night prayer service where I was meditating on what to do about all this. All of a sudden a big single word flashed brightly in front of my eyes (in my mind). The word was JOY. Now, God doesn't usually talk to me directly, you know, in English, in words. But this time it was a true answer from God. I have realized that what causes "Stress" is really just "Fear" in one form or another -- fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, or whatever. This fear of negative consequences is largely manufactured in my mind, not in reality. And God was telling me very clearly that the opposite of Fear is "Joy and Peace" through His Grace. I call this the "Greace of God", short for Grace and Peace. 

I am now trying very hard to see God's "Greace" in every situation and to realize that God said "Do not fear" or "Do not be afraid" for a very good reason. The reason is that we have no reason to fear when God is with us in everything we do. This is the Peace that surpasses all understanding, and that God gives us freely through His Grace and Love.

Lord, may I always look for and see your Joy and Peace in every situation of life. Thank you for your loving grace! Amen

Randy Weldon

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