I Timothy 6:7 - For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.

The last check I write that does not bounce should be to the mortician.

Paul is admonishing us to be content with the basics. Food and clothing; we need not have a huge bank account because there is no good in storing up treasures on earth when we should be focused on the treasures that we have in heaven.

We came into this world naked and innocent. We had nothing. How will we leave it? A friend of mine, Steve C., challenged me to make a list of what I treasure. He calls it a Gratitude List. Here's the beginning of mine:

· I'm grateful that I was born in the USA, a free country where I am not a slave or a prisoner
· I'm grateful that I can breathe
· I'm grateful that God took Daddy home
· I'm grateful that my husband loves me deeply
· I'm grateful for my beautiful grandchildren
· I'm grateful for my family
· I'm grateful that my children are good parents
· I'm grateful for my job
· I'm grateful for my laugh
· I'm grateful for my tears
· I'm grateful for sufficiency
· I'm grateful for compassion I feel for others
· I'm grateful I have a home to share with others
· I'm grateful for my physical health
· I'm grateful that I'm smart
· I'm grateful for my gift of creativity
· I'm grateful for written words that flow from my fingers
· I'm grateful for my ability to see things others do not
· I'm grateful for loyal friends
· I'm grateful for loyal clients
· I'm grateful I wake up each day with expectations of goodness
· I'm grateful that business associates respect me and my work
· I'm grateful I can help others
· I'm grateful that Mom appears happy despite her frailty and Alzheimers
· I'm grateful that Mom still smiles
· I'm grateful for my golf swing (sometimes)
· I'm grateful I can see opportunity instead of adversity
· I'm grateful for flush toilets

Now write yours. Wealth is far more than a bank account!

And congratulations to Heflebower Funeral Services for opening in Highlands Ranch this summer. Mike will be paid in full when I enter the golden gates. Stop by 8955 S. Ridgeline Boulevard, Suite 100, Highlands Ranch between 4 and 6 pm this Friday, August 2 for their Grand Opening and let Mike know what you are grateful for.

Carole Schumacher

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