Got Patience?

The American Heritage Dictionary (copyright 1983) defines the root word "patient" (an adjective) as enduring affliction with calmness; tolerant; understanding; steadfast.

In today's world of "hustle and bustle" and "hurry up and wait" do you find yourself calm? Do you have patience?

Long story short, the beginning of August, my car, which I fondly call "Big Red" decided to break down on my way to my weekly softball game. My first call was to let someone know I wasn't going to make it to the game. Second call, roadside assistance. While I spent what felt like forever on the phone trying to describe my location to a complete stranger, unfamiliar with the Denver Metro area, I looked up at the sky. Behind me the sky was dark with the looming threat of rain. In front of me, fairly clear skies and up to my left was a cloud formation that had a strong resemblance to angel wings. In that moment, I took it in and felt an overwhelming sense of calmness. Roadside assistance arrived just as the rain came. The heaviest of the rain subsided as we reached home

It was a matter of time, which I thought I had more of (or maybe it was just wishful thinking) before Big Red would break down for the final time. Luckily I live near work so in some respects, while it is sometimes an inconvenience not having a vehicle, having a vehicle is sometimes more of a luxury than a necessity.

Looking for a new vehicle has been quite an interesting experience. I am not one to ask for help, it's a "pride" thing (another topic for another day) but I was able to swallow my pride and ask for help anyway. While a couple of leads have not panned out, I have been blessed by those who have given me some awesome referrals and guidance, both friends and strangers.

While not having a car can be quite challenging at times, it can and has been humbling. I walk a little more and I have many friends who are willing to help me out (even when I don't ask them). Not having a vehicle has also taught me a lesson in patience. Some days I have an overwhelming sense of frustration. It can be frustrating to know I can't just pick up and go when I want, where I want. I have to rely on others. A piece of my freedom has been temporarily removed from my life. Other days, I'm perfectly content to just chill out or run an errand with a friend, knowing that the car for me will be there when the time is right. Maybe God has something else for me to learn?

In wake of the recent rains, floods and destruction, I have been reminded, much like others, to be thankful for what I have and to be patient. Not having a vehicle doesn't seem like such a big problem when there are others who have lost their lives, their homes and belongings that cannot be replaced. Many will have to start over, creating another chapter in their life journey. No one knows how long the rebuilding process will take.

Psalm 37 verse 7 begins, "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;"  While waiting is not always easy, have trust and Faith that God is going to get us to where we need to be, when we need to be there. Sit back, enjoy the moment and be patient.

Dear God, Thank you for the moments where we are forced to sit and be still. Thank you for putting things in perspective when we need it most. Please be with those who are experiencing displacement and hardship. Help them to be calm amidst the storm and feel loved and protected. In your name we pray. Amen.

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