God's Mystery

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.” Isaiah 40:28

Jesus calls us friend. Pastor Dave reminded us of that on Sunday. My friends have distinct personalities. That’s what I love about them. Often their uniqueness is what draws me to a person.

I know there are many mysteries and things about God we will never know. He is God after all! Thinking about God and giving God certain personality traits helps me. Thanks be for Jesus, who brings God to life for us, through his kindness and great generosity.

Once in another lifetime, I worked in a lab. It was fascinating to see a whole other world through a microscope. If you have ever looked at the world or the universe through a telescope or a microscope you can’t deny the incredible design and order in creation. Even with our naked eye we see beauty all around us. We know this is pretty powerful stuff. One quality of God’s nature (personality) is justice. This should make us tremble, but another quality of God’s nature is Great Love and that should bring us comfort. God must be a being of incredible design, order and beauty.

It’s pretty awesome, that God is not sitting up in heaven, only connecting to prophets and the occasional saints we see depicted in the movies. Just think, he is a real spirit. A real spirit Being who has always and always will be here. That is part of His mystery. God is personal. He is involved in our world. He gives us strength and the heart to live in this world. God’s nature or personality is here for us to see. I need to continue to stop, look and listen to what surrounds me.

I find strength through my family, my friends and the relationships I have made. I find hope in the generosity of God’s heart and I try to remember that he values me for who I am, not just what I do. We do what we can and let God take care of the rest... I’m thankful to live in a state where the design and beauty of God’s creation is all around me. God is great. God is good.

Father Spirit,

Thank you for your generous reminders that I need to take you with me wherever I go. I know you will never give up on me. Thank you for the relationships I have and the wonder of those I will make in the future. We marvel at the incredible design and love you have for this world.  Amen

Lois Autterson

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