God Revealed

I love the ways that God can be interpreted and recognized.  A lot of people go to church, pray, read the bible and talk in small groups. I like to do all of the conventional methods but I love to focus on ways that I can separate myself from others and find pure worship in my own ways. I think worship is even stronger when you can find it in groups and by yourself in your own methods. The main way that I like to look for God is through art. All arts!!! Music, paintings, drawings, tattoos, sculptures, and random art forms you see everyday.

The best way for me to go looking for God is in music that people would not normally find gospel or meaning related to God's word.  My favorite rapper is Chance The Rapper and I love explaining how I find lessons of faith in his songs to people who just think he's another guy rapping about the streets. One of his most recent songs is called "Blessings." In the song one of his first lines is "I don't make songs for free, I make em for freedom. Don't believe in kings, I believe in the kingdom." I think that this part of the song is one of the greatest things a modern rap artist could say. It shows how a man who does things of the material world still doesn't believe in the material nonsense in the long run. He makes his songs for the freedom of the spirit and doesn't believe in the kings of this earth, but knows the strength of the kingdom in heaven and what God's blessings can do for you. These small messages of faith and remaining who you are in a world of false people can be found in almost all of his songs. One of the main reasons I love these lessons so much is because you must search for them, make them into what you can understand, and the fact that they are in such an unrecognized place makes them even more special to me. I encourage people to follow up in their faith by finding ways that reveal god in their own eyes.

Drawing, paintings, and tattoos are other places in art that I see God. Every time I saw a fresco in Italy or a chalk drawing on the sixteenth street mall I saw God. The power to create something beautiful is a skill of god himself. Whenever I put my pencils onto paper and make those first crucial lines I feel like something other than my own hand is charting a course for something higher than just a drawing. Whenever I see my own or other people's tattoos I see how somebody is just using a gift given to us to improve our own already existent beauty. God gave us so many precious things on this earth and within ourselves that I can't help but to see it all around us everyday in every form of art that there is. Whether it is nature, a person, a building, etc. God can be found in it. That is why art is my favorite way to search for God. Nobody else can show you or tell you how.

I advise every single one of you to go outside, put some headphones in, go on google, go downtown, or pick up a pencil and some paper, and just look and listen for God in art, in as many ways as you can. I promise you will find him in your own way! USE THIS GREAT SKILL THAT GOD SHARED WITH YOU TO CREATE!!!

Brooks Jacobs

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