God is Here

How well do you pay attention to what’s going on around you?  I fear that I all too often go through the motions.  I can drive for quite some time and realize I’m not really sure how I got from point A to B.  I can miss the beauty in the world around me.  I pay no attention to what my husband Terry is doing in the same room with me.

This summer Terry planted a row of sunflower seeds along our back fence.  We did learn to pay attention once they got going.  They could grow an inch or two a day!  But I know I’d forget to look for a couple days and realize I’d missed so much.

God is present whether we notice or not.  Of course I think God would prefer we notice.

The Holy One says, Beloved, I am here
in the morning light drawing you in light,
in the darkness reaching out from within.

I am in the glass of water, the door
that surrenders to your will,
the creak of a welcoming chair.

Look for me in the faithfulness of shadows,
the branches of trees that open to infinity,
the angles of light in the city.

Listen for me in the roar of the city's prayers,
the moment in a conversation you pass by a clearing
into something vast, and then move on.

I will wait for you in each bite of your food,
hide behind the slippery stone of scripture,
speak to you in silence, my name, my tongue.

In the ticking clock I am knocking.
I will come to you in every breath,
in every neighbor who stands before you.

Every stranger brings my grace to you
as an angel from the other world,
like a wave from China, or fruit from Ecuador.

Beloved, I am here. Awaken.
You will not see or hear, or even know.
But I am here. Let me be with you.
~ Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Unfolding Light, www.unfoldinglight.net

God is present, may we see, hear and know.  May we remind one another.  We’ll be looking for YOU tomorrow at 9 or 10:30 a.m.


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