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Yesterday Pastor Dave taught us about shepherds and Jesus, our one and only Shepherd. He challenged us to consider our image of God.  It’s an exercise I use with 8th graders and their parents as they prepare for the Rite of Passage – Confirmation of Faith.  Our image of God changes throughout our lives.  

I found a wonderful definition of ‘God image’ here :

“God image: The understanding that we have of God. The images our minds use to picture God.”

 The article goes on to say,

 “As in any relationship, our relationship with God is an ongoing, dynamic relationship, which grows and changes throughout our lives. Just as we continually learn more about our friend as the friendship develops, we continue to learn more about God as our relationship with God develops.”

How do we develop the ways we picture God to in turn, grow our relationship with God?  Jane Vennard writes in The Way of Prayer,

 “Windows to the holy are all around us if we will stop and gaze.  You need not go to the mountains or the seashore to find a piece of creation with which to pray. A houseplant will do, a single flower, or a fallen leaf.  If a park is available, you might stroll slowly, gazing at the colors, shapes, and movement around you. You might prefer to find a bench and sit to gaze at the wonder of the world passing by. Like other methods of prayer, gazing brings us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.” 

We can learn about God by gazing at anything God created – nature, our fellow human beings, even ourselves.

Seeing God in one another and in ourselves helps us to see, as Jane Vennard says, “God is multifaceted and mysterious, beyond even our wildest dreams.”

What I’ve found is that the more I look for God, the more God appears – in multifaceted and mysterious ways. May our eyes be open to seeing the God-self everywhere we turn.

Danielle Rose, a young musician wrote and performs this song, “God is…” which I lift up as an opportunity to see the image of God in the other.   



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