God Has Our Back

Well, here we are and once again I do believe I have put the "pro" in procrastination -- in just a few hours the sun will be coming up and I will be headed to the airport to begin the "travel" chapter in the journey to Nicaragua.

The previous chapter, I will call "preparation."  As always, I thought I had plenty of time to gather the items necessary for my trip, along with time to cross off items on my lengthy "to do" list.  Well, I do believe that while I did accomplish everything I "thought" I needed to, God had other plans for me ...

As I spent the later part of last week with my parents shopping and getting ready, I was pleasantly reminded that God constantly has our backs.

My dad and I were down to the last item for our trip -- our carry on luggage.  Sounds simple enough right?? All we needed was a simple piece that would carry some of our things for the week.  We looked at a few stores and found one we "thought we could live with" but of course we couldn't just buy the first one we found that we liked, we had to "shop around" ... was there something better or cheaper out there??

We literally drove a loop or two or three as we tried to find the "right one."  One store only had one ... another had two but both were defective.  This simple task had turned into a tiresome frustrating adventure.  I got lost in the "what" we were trying to accomplish and started to lose sight of the "why."  God had my back tho ... he sent me a few signs along the way ... here's the one's that stuck out and I remember ....

We were at the check out and I was visiting with the cashier.  I asked her if she was having a "good day."  She smiled and replied, "No, I'm having a GREAT day, you are present here in my moment."  WOW!!!  That's not usually an answer I receive to that question.  We had a quick conversation and I was reminded to take a deep breath ... don't think about the past and don't worry about the future ... enjoy what's in front of me at this very moment.

In November 2011, Maureen Herzog shared a devotion with us entitled "The Penny."  When you find a penny (or any coin), take a moment to remember that "In God we Trust."  It's a subtle reminder to trust God, that God has our backs.  At least twice, I found a penny on the ground.  They just seemed to "pop up" when I least expected it.

The final sign that I remember from that afternoon is the voice of those before us.  As we drove around, my father told us a story of how my grandfather would shop at the Samsonite Outlet store in downtown Denver. To make a long story short, we ended up finding a Samsonite store in Colorado Mills.  It wasn't the store we set out to find, but a few wrong turns in the mall, a consultation of the directory and there we were.

We did find our piece of luggage at that final store.  What was suppose to take only a few hours took us a few more.  It was a long day, frustrating at times ... fun at times.  I enjoyed time with my parents, as we don't see each other too often. So all in all, it was a day full of reminders that God has our backs, we just need to trust and listen. Oh and that piece of luggage we finally decided on ... a rolling backpack.

So as I close, the sun is up ... it's another beautiful day and my "to do list" is now complete.  It may not have gotten done in the time frame anticipated, but it all got done.  God has my back ...

I look forward to what this week will bring and the next chapter in this Nicaragua journey.  I ask God to help keep my heart and mind open and to allow myself to just be in the moment with all that God has to offer.

May you all find your moments and remember, God has your back.

April Schauer

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