God has always done

Mary – I wonder about Mary.  How could she say “yes” to such an incredible task?  And, I wonder about me, am I willing to say “yes” to God when I’m invited to undertake incredible tasks?  I’m not sure I’m even willing to say “yes” to God when I’m invited to undertake simple or easy tasks.

As Christmas approaches and I get caught up in the all the hustle and bustle of the season, may I remember Mary and how in the midst of her challenges she remembered to praise God.  As I get caught up in the suffering in the world, may I remember Mary praising God in the midst of a suffering world.

The Magnificat
– paraphrased from Luke 1:46-55 by Jim Taylor
My body grows round with wonder;
my soul swells with thanksgiving.
For God has been so good to me;
God did not say, "She's just a girl."
Once I was a slip of a girl,
but now I am woman,
one who can bring forth new life.
In all generations, I am blessed.
How could anyone miss it--
this new life in me is divine.
It is holy.
God grants new life to all who have not lost a child's wonder;
they will be born again, and again, and again.
God watches over them;
God's fierce love fills predators with sudden fear.
The miracle of birth levels our human differences:
tough men become tenderly gentle,
learned professors blurt out baby talk,
even politicians fall silent in awe.
But the small and helpless are wrapped warmly in soft blankets;
they are held lovingly in caring arms;
they drink their fill with eyes closed.
The rich, for all their wealth and status, can go suck lemons.
That is how God deals with all of God's faithful people,
all who do not put their faith in themselves.
So God has always done,
so God will always do,
from Sarah's miracle, to mine.
From: Everyday Psalms
Wood Lake Publications.

We’ll be looking for you tomorrow for worship at 9 & 10:30 am and then again, on Monday for our Christmas Celebration at 3:00 & 5:00 pm.

God bless you,

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