Giving & Resourcing

Here's how we did last year to Jesus in his Mercy to Change Me, We and the World through giving and resourcing of our missional community.  

174 Women, Men, Youth and Children have given 3,149.5 hours of their time, energy and physical presence. 

The GGCC Missional Community and friends have given $82,794.15 and 12,427 in-kind items. 

61,000 lives have been impacted through these blessings to Love God, Love People and Serve the World.

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Why Give?

Is giving on your list of "Top 10 Things That Make Me Most Uncomfortable" ? You're not alone!

 Giving is one of the most talked about subjects in the Bible....not because God needs your money.....but because giving is a heart issue. Giving reflects a grateful heart, and giving has the power to transform your heart because where you spend your money, your heart will follow.

Many individuals and families give generously and joyfully every week to continue the ministry and mission of God's Grace Community Church, and as a result:

  • Every week new people are joining us as we gather to worship.
  • Every week children are learning about God in ways that make sense to them and growing in their understanding of who God made them to be.
  • Every week middle school and high school students are finding their identity in Christ, building a foundation in faith, and finding how they can make a difference in the world through serving.
  • Every week we are bringing hope and help to the poorest of the poor, both locally and globally.

Your giving makes a God's Grace, in our community, and around the world.


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