Gifts Pouring In

Tomorrow on the church calendar it’s Trinity Sunday, the only day of the church year that celebrates a doctrine. It’s a day we remember the mystery of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We celebrate and bless our High School graduates: Brooks, Dillon, Jay, Reilly, Rio. High school graduation is an interesting time – a step into adulthood and into what we affectionately call the “real world” (what is that anyway?) and a time of transition for families. Parents and grads begin to navigate their relationship in new ways.

What do we want as a church for these graduates? We want them to know that God and we love them. We want them to remember that God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will be with them as they go out, learn, grow, risk, fail, and meet new people and ideas. We want them to have “Sticky Faith” as the Fuller Youth Institute calls it.

But how? Well, perhaps the best way for it to happen is through our prayers and our faith in the three in one God. To pray that they might shape their hearts as a cup or a bowl to receive God’s gifts. Like this as Jan L. Richardson writes:

Poured Into Our Hearts
A Blessing for Trinity Sunday

Like a cup
like a chalice
like a basin
like a bowl

when the Spirit comes
let it find our heart
like this

shaped like something
that knows how to receive
what is given

that knows how to hold
what comes to fill

that knows how to gather itself
around what arrives as

We’ll be looking for you tomorrow at 9:00 or 10:30 a.m. to join the celebrations and remind one another of the gifts our three in one God offer.

Grace be with you,

* Jan L. Richardson blessing found here.  

** Want to adopt one of our grads? (That means that during their freshman year you will pray for them regularly, send notes or cards monthly and an occasional care pkg.) If so, let me know. 

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