What if every child under 18 years had a mentor to build a developmental relationship with? 

We grow in faith together. Young people thrive and succeed physically, emotionally and spiritually when surrounded by the family of God. Not just immediate and extended family, but key impact adults to support them and their families.


  • pray
  • care
  • encourage
  • be present

Specifically, mentors and mentees will: 

  • Commit to the mentoring period from September 2016 to June 2017
  • Mentors pray for their mentee regularly and specifically
  • Mentors send a note monthly, either hand-written or via email or text
  • Attend Mentor/Mentee Gatherings, which usually include a meal
  • And, optionally…worship, serve or play together at a GGCC outreach event (i.e., ECM, Open Door Christmas Party, Thanksgiving Baskets)

Each month mentors will receive an update from the Mentoring Leadership Team with ideas for ways to specifically pray for their mentee, topics for the monthly note and suggestions for optional experiences.  

Parents are a key part of the mentor/mentee relationship. Parents have been invited to prayerfully consider allowing their children to be in the mentoring ministry. They will be aware of and sign off on the mentor relationship and they will always be your point of contact and partner for any optional experiences. One additional benefit of the mentoring relationship will be the mutual support between parents and mentors.

Why Mentoring? Research shows that the more children are surround and supported by impact adults, the more likely they will thrive and the less likely they will engage in risky behaviors. A developmental relationship helps young people attain the psychological and social skills that are essential for success in education and in life. Young people can form these relationships with their parents and family members, with their friends and peers, with staff members in their schools and programs, and with caring adults in their neighborhoods and communities. ~ Search Institute

Click here for recent research done by the Search Institute on Developmental Relationships. Click here to read about the importance of mentoring and helpful tips. 

But most of all, the stories of how God's love and mercy are handed down are always through the generations. We practice faith together. We have much to teach one another. “Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.” Psalm 145:4 Msg

Questions?  Contact Vikki Luce via email or at 720-935-9682.