Fully Human

Dear Tech Users,

I have large concerns about the use of tech and it's negative impact on human relationships. (Before you pop a cork and criticize me for being out of touch, and you remind me of all the good tech can do, let me say, tech can do some good things. However, that does not remove the concerns. ) In his book “Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology,” Neil Postman offers many unique insights into the phenomenon of technology upon sociology. Postman points out the limits of our computerized manner of dealing with the world.

“The computer argues, to put it bluntly, that the most serious problems confronting us at both a personal and public levels require technical solutions through fast access to information otherwise unavailable. I would argue that this is on the face of it nonsense. Our most serious problems are not technical, nor do they arise from inadequate information. Where people are dying of starvation, it does not occur because of inadequate information. If families break up, children are mistreated, crime terrorizes a city, education is impotent, it does not happen because of inadequate information. Mathematical equations, instantaneous communication, and vast quantities of information have nothing what so ever to do with our problems. And the computer is useless in dealing with our problems.”

The miracle worked in the resurrection of Jesus on Easter strains our powers of thought, comprehension, and intellectual imagination. Easter requires us, not to suspend our rational powers, but rather to deepen them and broaden our intellect beyond what any computer's memory could ever retain. We are called to raise our emotional-spiritual IQ and love beyond all rational comprehension.

Jesus took on flesh and blood. God calls us to become fully human.

Read John 20:1-18 for further reflection.

Prayers: For Tayler Maas and Karl Nickoley who will be married this weekend in Los Angeles. For the team headed to Nicaragua the first week in June.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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