Free Falling Into the Unknown

“I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Summer is nearly over. Family trips are winding down and moms and dads are busy sending their kids off to school, some for the first time, public school, private school or college. April and Mary Jo, opened my eyes and heart to the kiddos in Nicaragua. We’ve heard many stories from our youth who spent time in South Dakota, of moments spent with strangers listening to and sharing stories. I’m grateful for Sam, our youth intern, Vikki, our youth leader and April and MJ for giving their time once again. What a blessing it’s been to hear our youth speak on relationships built and how Jesus, touched their hearts. Such authentic witness, starting with the oldest, right down to MJ’s little ones. I do the scheduling for online devotions. I’m grateful for those who share, what God’s Spirit lays on their hearts. Sharing our stories can be healing. We realize we are traveling in some truly remarkable company. These ordinary people living their ordinary lives often become our heroes. I can’t think of better heroes or role models to have.

Spiritually we crave community. None of us desires the feeling of isolation, probably one of the reasons for the popularity of twittering and face book. We all have within us a greater innate God-given wisdom. We might not know it’s there unless we give it voice in words or action.

When we step into each other’s stories, we often develop a deeper trust of life. Our wounds begin to heal and our hearts begin to feel safe and they open a little wider. We begin to realize the connection we’ve always had to each other. Our spirits are at home with one another. Being able to let go of our own beliefs or pre conceived ideas and expectations, is a free falling into the unknown, with a brief glimpse past the haze of our own judgment of ourselves or of others. It’s a rare gift, a chance to see God’s world and others with wonder and maybe a little more wisdom, maybe for the first time.

Thanks to those who did some free falling this summer, shared their stories and also to those whose stories have yet to be shared. You have touched many hearts. You have taught us that life does not always need to be fixed, that life is to be experienced fully, some pain, some joy and always celebrated. It’s all grace eventually, right?

Abba God,
Thank you for the careful way you have designed each one of us. For the bright hope and your loving spirit that binds us all together. Come Lord Jesus, may all of creation live in your peace.  Amen

Lois Autterson

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