Forever Change

Embracing change sounds wonderful. To me “embrace” means a big hug, accompanied by a cleansing breath, and a feeling of peace. But change is anything but peace for me. Whether it is change for the good or an unexpected change for the “worse”, it brings about stress. I say “worse” because usually what I perceive as bad ends up being a positive for me in the long run. Change is stressful, regardless of the context. I don’t have a plan, never got the memo, and I feel like a little kid again, only not in a good way. Insecure and muddling through unfamiliar territory. At my age I should have seen it all by now and know how to react. I keep plodding along, correcting mistakes on the fly but slowly being exposed to the wonders God has put in front of me. The stress begins to subside replaced by awe and wonder. God reveals new purpose and meaning in everything, but only when I’m ready to handle it.

Jesus was big on change. You never read in the bible about Jesus and the disciples sitting around doing nothing for days on end. Sailing across seas, trekking through the wilderness, traveling to new towns – it almost sounds like an endless vacation. Change was a constant for them.

Whenever I am dealing with numbers around people I like to say “it’s not like I was a math major.” Except I was. My favorite math thing was a bumper sticker that just had two symbols – delta,the triangle that means change, and infinity, an 8 on it’s side. Change forever. I pray that God keeps pushing me to change, to see and do new things, and change me to be closer to God in everything I do, forever. ∆∞

Terry Luce

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