Follow the Beat

I love to hear Taiko drummers perform their musical numbers.  Their beat is so synchronized and catchy.  It is very important for the leader to set the beat and then other drummers will follow.  Different beats are added to the leading beat and it creates something so wonderful to hear.  They have so much energy and charisma.

God’s heartbeat has the same powerful energy and charisma.  I think since we are created in His image, our hearts should beat the same as God’s heartbeat.  He is the leading beat and we should follow it to live a wonderful and beautiful life.  You ever notice that when we are in the middle of helping the unfortunate or volunteering our time, our hearts beat different and we become more alive and energetic?  We somehow feel the goodness of helping and doing good work.  That is God’s heartbeat.  When we are in church worshiping and praising God with music, sermon, and fellowship, our hearts feel uplifted and enlightened and we feel different about the world around us.  That is God’s heartbeat.  When we take part in fellowship groups or even family discussions talking about how wonderful God is taking part in our lives, our hearts feel warm and comforted and in tune with other hearts.  That is God’s heartbeat.  I love to hear God’s heartbeat but there are times when we lose focus on God’s heartbeat.

When we are in the middle of feeling angry and disliking the people around us, our hearts feel so enraged that we are not ourselves and we say or do things we don’t want to do.  That is not God’s heartbeat.  When we feel jealous and want to get wealth by trampling on people’s heads, lie, cheat, and steal, our hearts are so different and so distant from God that we push God out of our lives.  That is not God’s heartbeat.  When we sit around and become lazy and do nothing, our hearts feel non-energetic and there is nothing to live for.  That is not God’s heartbeat.  When we want to escape reality from life’s hardship and pressure by taking drugs, partying, or doing things I don’t want to mention, our hearts seem to be filled with evil and we can get into big trouble.  That is definitely not God’s heartbeat.

So be in tune with God.  Listen to God’s heartbeat.  Life is wonderful with God.  Don’t skip a beat because you are going to miss out on God’s wonderful blessing.  Guard your heart because it is the wellspring of life.

God’s peace,
Stan Yee

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