Flowing Water

As I put away the last of my Christmas decorations, I think about the season, and consider if I’m ready for 2020. There’s a lot on my mind. Recently, I read a poem written by a teenager, published in National Slovak Society (NSS) Life magazine called Underwater Music. Below is an excerpt:

Everybody has an “underwater moment.”

A feeling or experience where you just can’t explain it.

Like when you’re underwater, everything feels slower,
and you can move easier.

Time almost stops and you feel your body going with the flow of the water.

So accepting of it, it just feels right. …

[and an underwater moment] is the things you don’t realize too,

Like sitting outside at night in peace and silence, and staring up into the stars, 

or standing out in the rain and seeing how it becomes heavier.

Moments you don’t realize, but something that turns almost bittersweet.

Like music playing underwater.

The start to a new year is similar to the underwater moments as described by the poem, sometimes bittersweet; the year is a big unknown and we are leaving the sanctity of the year we just experienced. But, also, the poem gives us advice that even while things may feel slower (embarking on the unknowns in the new year), you can move easier, your body can go with the flow of the water.

Water is mentioned regularly in the Bible. For example, Psalm 104:10-11

God sends forth springs in the valleys. They flow between the mountains

As you begin this year’s journey, may you enjoy the flow of the springs, enjoy those underwater moments that you can move easier, and even reflect on those moments that seem bittersweet. For it is all a part of the year’s journey!

Sarah Thompson

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