You know it seems to me that the Super Bowl is a study in excess. Commercials are $4 million for 30 seconds. Tickets are $500 for the least expensive seat. Local news stations have been broadcasting from NY/NJ all week. There may be over-saturation of all things Broncos and Seahawks. There are commercials for the commercials. The Puppy Bowl! Parties! Stores and restaurants offering game day specials. Whew – it’s a lot to take in for one game of men going up and down the field with an oval-shaped, pointy-ended ball.

I realize there are many positive applications for sports to life and faith. But I do step back and wonder about the spectacle of all things Super Bowl in the midst of hunger, poverty, violence, extreme weather occurrences and war. What is Jesus thinking? Are we focusing our attention on things that matter – over the long haul, not just this weekend.

Jesus taught on the mountain a few things we might want keep in mind.

Blessed are the poor in spirit
for theirs is the realm of heaven.

—Matthew 5.3

A paraphrase of Matthew 5:1-3-11 by Steve Garnaas-Holmes:

When you have nothing
then God fills your life.

When you are powerless
there is nothing but the infinite power of God.

When you are stripped naked
you are clothed in the glory God gave you.

It is in darkness and chaos
that God creates.

When you are on the cross,
you are where God saves;
when you are in the grave,
you are where God raises us up.

When you are weak and discouraged,
alone and hurting,
in that lowest place,
you are in the very place where Christ comes:
you are accompanied;
you are blessed.

What we most fear is all we desire:
to lose everything,
falling in love until all we have is love
and the Beloved.

Empty your life
and all will be God.

May your Super Bowl preparations include worshiping with us at 9 or 10:30 tomorrow morning as we consider the “12th Person” God provides us with. May we be filled not only with Bronco spirit, but with God. You are invited to bring cans of soup or canned goods to share with women and children at The Gathering Place, that we might bring glory to our Super God! 


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