Faith of Children

"Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”                                                                                                                                                                 Mark 10:15

It is one of the Sunday school stories we all hear growing up, where Jesus chooses the metaphor of a child’s faith as the ideal form of faith to enter Heaven. Now if I was any adult around him, this would put me on edge. What does he mean? Children are ignorant and naive to the rite and ritual of faith, while I have been brought up and taught the faith in and out, but I won’t enter heaven? This is what would have gone through my head at least. How many people would have actually thought Christ was looking for a blank slate; someone who is searching for what makes themselves who they are, who still stares at the world with wonderment.

At the beginning of my senior football season, I was blessed to be able to travel to California and play my first game there. While we were there, we spent a day at the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” Disneyland. It was here where Christ, in the midst of Mickey Mouse hats and a light saber I had created at Tomorrowland, showed me why he chooses his child metaphor. Everywhere you looked you saw a kid with a smile, the smile you get when you have something in front of you that is just too impossibly amazing that the only logical course is a display of joy. Even I admit when I saw that lightsaber in my hand and walked into the House of Tomorrow, I felt 7 again; just complete bliss. This is the faith Christ wants from us. Not some antique procession of rite and ritual, they have their place don’t get me wrong, but Christ wants us to look upon all creation with the wonderment of a child at Disneyland. If that wonder leaves us, so will all appreciation for the little gifts given and if we don’t appreciate the little ones, then the granddaddy gift of them all, Heaven, will be lost on our closed minds.

Sam Jacobs

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