Eternal Promises

Dear Mourners,

Dr. Dan Olsen, my seminary professor of pastoral care, once said, “All human issues of brokenness have to do with the issue of loss and grief.” The word “all” is pretty strong so it made me ponder... Could it really be that 100% of ALL human brokenness has to with loss and grief? The answer is yes. All portions of the human condition that cause our hearts to break have to do with situations of loss and grief.

We might grieve:
…former stages of life
…the loss of a dream
…the loss of a relationship
…the loss of a job
…a change of health
…the loss of a possession
…the death of a loved one
…OR (add whatever you want to this list, if it gets you down, sad, depressed or breaks your heart, it will fall under the category of  "loss and grief.”)

Over the weekend, William Nichols died in a car accident in the Sacramento, California area. We mourn the death of our 27 year old nephew, cousin and brother deeply. We pray for his widow Grace and his parents, Dick (Amy’s brother ) and Cindy.

The tail falls off the spiritual kite when such tragedy hits. You feel like you are spinning and thoughts rush through the soul. These are the times when one merely reacts for a bit and the true narrative that governs and guides one’s life takes over. It is an opportunity to find out what is carved into the heart.

Some scriptures that have guided me the last few days are :

“…the people who sat in darkness have seen a great light…” Matthew 3:16. In the darkest dearest of times, the light of Jesus always comes.

“…blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted…” Matthew 5:4. Jesus offers reversals when things hit bottom. Someone told me recently that when we hit bottom, we have hit solid ground.

“…pull out into the deeper water, and let down your nets.…” Luke 5:4. Fishing is a team sport. Our family looks forward to gathering with our extended family this Thursday and Friday to mourn and share the joy of the resurrection that we all live in the promise of, and that William now lives in the full reality of. One also believes or they don’t, you risk and let down your nets or you don’t.

Jesus was the son of God the Father. Our heavenly parent has gone through the deepest pain of life, the loss of a child. God will come with compassion beyond anything a human could create to comfort William's parents and his 25 year old widow Grace. For our Lord Jesus is not noncommittal, he has made eternal promises which he keeps! AMEN!

I have asked our niece Caroline if I might share her blog here. She is William's sister and has a gift for writing that originates in the heart of God. Thank you Caroline.

Still in one peace,
Pastor David J. Jensen

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