I saw a wonderful movie named The Imitation Game. It talks about how the Germans invented this secret way to relay messages to its troops in WWII so that the British could not understand the messages. It only lasted for 24 hours and then a new key was introduced to this enigma machine to produce new messages and the British did not have enough time to decipher them. This machine Enigma had the British chasing their own tails. But there was a man, a brilliant mathematician, named Alan Turing. He created a machine named the Turing machine which was able to decipher the Enigma messages within minutes and turned WWII around for the British. This Turing machine is the Father of what we call computers. Then I think about the Bible. People who don’t know Christ I think treat the Bible as the Enigma machine. They have no way to understand it.

The meek shall inherit the earth.

Why the meek? We are taught survival of the fittest. Code of the gladiators is the name of the game. Only the strong will survive. Go in with guns blazing and take what we want like the Americans who won all those wars and all those battles. Push the weak aside. Put them in the garbage area. Actually sounds like today. We got to be strong in business. Grab all the money and step over people. There is no room for showing our weakness, only strengths. The strong will inherit all the riches of the earth and the strong shall rule and take over territories like Alexander the Great. Well, we know that we have to be humble before God. It is God’s strength that we rely on to overcome our problems and weaknesses.

The first will become last and last will become first.

Why do I want to be last? We need to be first. We’re number one. Go Broncos. Nobody cares about who lost in the Super Bowl last year. We care about being winners not losers. I got to be first in line pushing everybody to the back. I got to have to best seat and the best food and drinks. I have to have the best house and car so that people will admire us for what we have. I have to travel all over the world for bragging rights. Like Coach Lombardi says, winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing. We know that we always put God first. We cannot be arrogant in our ways because it is God who gives us everything. God provides us with good things and we have to appreciate all the love and kindness that comes from God.

If someone takes your cloak, offer them your coat as well.

Are you kidding me? If someone takes something from me, I will beat them up or call a cop to arrest them. I work hard for what I've got and nobody is going to steal from me. I need to hoard everything for me and the people I love. I must provide for my family and take care of my friends. I don’t care about thieves and I like to see all of them arrested. I want to see crime wiped out in my world. We know that we must feed the poor and clothe the needy. If someone is desperate for food, give them clothes as well. There are so many people in need. Some turn to crime because they have no choice and no other direction to go. We must be there for people in need.

Well, I think the Turing machine is Christ. He is the key. Not only can Christ help you understand the wonderful messages of the Bible, but He can open your heart.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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