One of the biggest movies in history was Titanic.  I know everybody loves the scene where Leonardo and Kate stand on the front tip of the boat and make believe they are flying into the sky.  I kind of liked the scene after the catastrophe and rescue boats were searching for survivors.  When I was junior in college, I felt like I was in the water drowning like the people in Titanic.  I felt stress, problems, and worries about the future were bringing me down into the water and I was drowning.  Sinking in quicksand was the feeling I had.  But something happened. I saw somebody in a boat coming my way and he stopped and reached out his hand and said get into the boat. Of course, I had some hesitation but he kept reaching out his hand.  I grabbed it and the man in the boat was Jesus.  I was saved that day and I never looked back.

We live in a world where people are sinking in that vast water.  They aimlessly live life with no hope and no direction.  Some people have direction and step all over people to get ahead.  That’s not the way.  Some people live it up by taking drugs, partying, stealing, sinning, and etc.  That’s not the way.  Some people have marriage and family but they choose to ignore what they have.  That’s not the way.  There is only one way and that is Jesus.  He comes by in a boat and saves us all but He doesn’t stop there.  He wants the saved to get in a boat and go around finding people drowning like in Titanic.  There are so many of them drowning and God even commands us to find them and make disciples of them.  After I graduated, I got in a boat and searched for them and reached my hand to them.  I couldn’t really get anybody in the boat but it’s ok.  Someday, they will find that boat they are supposed to get in.  The whole point is to get out there with boats.

I tried to get this special guy in the boat.  I really hope he got into a boat.  He provided for his family.  He was hard working at the restaurant.  Everything that he had he gave to his family to make sure his wife and children had a good life and they did.  The only problem was that he should have provided for himself a little bit more. He really needed to take care of his health and his spiritual and mental life.  He said to himself that when I retire, I will do other things in my life but right now, it is work, sleep, watch TV, and save money.  When he retired, he drowned literally.  He passed away several years ago.  I guess sometimes when we do work at something for a long time and then retire from it, there is nothing left.  Life is meaningless but with God, life is meaningful.

I just wanted to say to that special guy and all the Dads in the world:

Happy Father’s Day!

God’s peace,
Stan Yee

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