Dream Job?

Dear Creators,

Detective series writer Dorothy Sayers argued that work should be thought of “as a creative activity, undertaken for the love of work itself.” And the human made in God's image, should make things, as God makes them, for the sake of doing well a thing that is well worth doing.” Intrinsically. Sayers says again : “Work is the natural exercise and function of humanity- the creature who is made in the image of the Creator.”

Sayers contends that work "is not primarily a thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do. It is, or it should be, the full expression of the worker's faculties, the thing in which they find spiritual, mental and bodily satisfaction, and the medium from which they offer themselves to God. "
(The above thoughts were largely gleaned from a Newsweek article by Leland Ryken, “Approach to Work and Leisure, June 1,1998)

How do Ryken's words on Sayers strike you? For some of us, we might be blessed with the dream job where we lose sleep each night filled with anticipation of the creations we will partner with God on in the coming day. For others, you might be hanging  on with all you have in a tough economy to a job that seems to have no purpose, but pays the bills.  While others are on the outside looking in and hoping to get a job of any kind that gives them reason to get up in the morning.

Most of us will spend a large portion of our lives at a job , so that we might get a paycheck. Given that jobs and careers claim so much of our lives, I urge you to take seriously the call of Jesus to be , “…on guard “ and   “…alert…”  (Luke 21:34-35)  The Creator did indeed create you to be a partner in God's creation. It is God's vision that a job never be a way to pass the day and years until you can retire and then do what you want one day.  God calls you to remember you are created in the” Image of God” (Genesis 1:27)  There are infinite possibilities for your ministry in your professional labors.  How might your desire to be ethical and truthful be a testimony to others?  Pray that the product or service you provide is utilized to God's  glory. A well placed word of encouragement to a colleague or client might redeem that someone whom was feeling lost?

For some, you might have hit the end of the road on your current employment path. That is fine. I pray that God will stir fresh dreams and visions. (Acts 2:17) May God place a network of friends, colleagues, family, and new contacts in your life to lead you on the path of revived purpose and meaning in the workforce.

Blessed Labor day preparations.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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