Doubters ?

Dear Wounded, Fear-filled, Doubters~

When reading the Bible, it can be an interesting task to place ourselves in a specific situation and ponder 'what would I have done?'  If I (you) had been there when the risen Jesus came and stood among them and said, ”Peace be with you,” what would I have felt? Better yet, what would I have thought if I was Thomas and my ten buddies came running to me and said, ”Hey we saw Jesus, he really is risen from the dead. It’s the ultimate game changer for all of us!”

I think I would have echoed Thomas' words and said,  " I get it, April fool’s joke! Really funny guys! Look this is no joking matter, hear me when I say ‘unless I put my fingers in his wounds and see him for myself, I am not giving in to your poor humor!'  Thomas, the one called the twin, felt anything but ”peaceful.” The words of the risen Jesus eluded him. (John 20:19-31)

I would have to say I don’t really blame Thomas.  When I exercise my imagination to be in his place I would have doubted the story as much or more than he did. “Peace” would have been the last thing I felt.

Do you ever struggle to pray because you are so restless you are not sure even how to pray?

Father Robert Capon is one of the more passionate and articulate teachers I know. Listen to what he has to say about grace and peace:

“Prayer is not going to God (he’s already in you), or seeking God, (God’s already found you), or opening yourself to God, (you couldn’t keep God out of you tried.) Or becoming spiritual (God’s already sent you the Spirit, who would rather show you Jesus than help you display your spiritual prowess.) And its certainly not buttering up God with abject apologies for your existence –because in God’s beloved Son, God already thinks you’re dandy. Prayer is just talking with someone who’s already talking to you. In short, there’s nothing you can’t tell God because it isn’t your bright ideas God wants most, it is you!”  ~Father Robert Capon

Moving through the walls of doubt, fear, and wounds, the risen Jesus is standing in your presence. Jesus is in you and around you saying, ”Peace be with you.” We need not exercise our imaginations to practice time transformation. Jesus is with us now!

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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