What Does It Mean to Grow as a Follower of Jesus?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

"Who do the people say that I am? ….But who do you say that I am?"(Mark 8:27 & 29).


Only after the disciples proved that they could listen to others did Jesus ask them what they themselves thought. Note that first Jesus asks, "What do others think?" Then, Jesus asks "the disciples" what they think. The divine work is done in communities that are diverse not homogenous. Jesus wants to hear lots of views and include lots of people in the mission of expanding the kingdom of God.

Who do you say that Jesus is? Your observation matters. Who is Jesus to you?

In the recent issue of the magazine Relevance , Jeff Tweedy of the music group Wilco is commented on who he thinks Jesus is or how we might best find him today.


"I’ve always liked the notion that what Jesus represents  - and what Jesus' spirit represents to a lot of people – would be more evident in a homeless person than in a lot of the places I’ve found people to be looking much harder. It’s my understanding of the Bible that that would be how a lot of His spirit would be overlooked  – because of the packaging."

Who is Jesus? Do we often miss Jesus because we do not anticipate his "packaging"?

Another place often underrated for seeing Jesus is in our best of friends and those closest to us. We each possess gifts from God that when offered for God's use reflect the image of Jesus to those around us. Ephesians 4:12  says,

"…the saints (you and me and all forgiven sinners, that is who the saints are) are to be equipped for ministry and the building up of the body of Christ."


Each follower of Jesus is to be "equipped for ministry" so that all people might be heard and included in God's mission. You are called to be in mission. Pastors like me are just one mere cog in the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. Each person is spun into motion by Jesus to be heard, counted, and included in the work of the Kingdom.

On September 26th I hope you plan to let Jesus equip you for the Extreme Community Makeover project in Littleton. God desires for you to know who Jesus is and to use the gifts of God within you for His purposes. Come and see on the 26th...as Jesus shows up and shows off in unexpected packaging...as GGCC enters into a world where servants will come in unexpected packages.

See you on Sunday.

David J Jensen

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