Do I Have to Scream....?

"Do I have to scream for You to hear me?"


No, I don't.  According to the Singing Group named ZOEgirl, "I don't have to scream for You to hear me". 


I think the more appropriate question would be:  "Does He have to scream for me to hear Him?"  Well, in my case, He might just have to do that!  Sometimes, I talk to Him without ceasing, instead of praying without ceasing.   And sometimes I don't take time to listen to God's voice, which is the other half of prayer.  


Have you ever heard God's "still small voice" (not "his still loud scream"...) talk to you directly, in words, I mean in English?  Well, I haven't, at least not very often...well, ok, maybe only once...and I don't admit that out loud to very many people very often.  


Here's how it happened:  I was sitting in a special Friday night prayer service at our former church in Broomfield, minding my own business.  A very nice, quiet lady named Nellie was giving a Lay person talk that night, sort of her personal spiritual testimony.  There were a lot of things happening in my life at that moment relating to losing a job, changing careers, starting a consulting business, etc.  And all of a sudden a giant voice boomed out from the heavens....uhh, No, that's NOT how it happened.  Actually, all of a sudden I saw in my eyes one giant word "JOY!”, in English!  I was amazed, and I realized I had just gotten an Answer, a big answer.  But, then I thought:  what was the Question??  And I realized that one word, Joy, was God's answer to a question that I had been asking for weeks in so many words, something like "God, how am I supposed to respond to all this stuff going on in my life?"  With Joy. With Joy?  Yes, with Joy! 


Sometimes I slip back into negativity or cynicism, but then something (my wife) reminds me I need to remember God's answer--Joy!  And I have a lot to be joyful about! 


Dear God, please help me to remember to listen to your still small voice and remember all the reasons to be joyful that you have given me.  You have given me the Answers to my Questions.  Thank you, Dear Father!




Randy Weldon

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