Death trampled

Out of the rot and the ruin comes a rumor of resurrection....

Rot and ruin is an overstatement for many of us, in terms of what is wrong in our lives. But then again, we all feel rotten, we all fear ruin. At least once in awhile. And into our lives, whatever our circumstances, comes, first, a rumor, then the reality, of resurrection.

I love the Easter season. Spring may or may not (not!) cooperate this year. Our tulips have given up the ghost. I am biting the head off the last of the chocolate bunnies even as I write, and the last bag of jelly beans is hid away in the cupboard. We stretch out Easter as far and as long and as wide as we can. It is my favorite season for hymns. It is my favorite season for symbols. And it is my favorite season for reality. Death is trampled down by death and life is free forever. We are forever free.

Obviously, as we live with dangerous diagnoses and terrorism, we know that death still tries. Tries hard and sometimes succeeds. But death is trampled down by death and we are alive and free in Jesus to live a new life. Live a new life!

The thing, the only thing about Easter, that bothers me is that Jesus made it look easy. He just got up. Rock rolled away. And he was up and out!

Not so easy for us. I wish it was. But this is the deal: resurrection is a gift. It is a gift. It can be hard to claim. So much drags, bogs, holds us down.

Still.  Still. Remember this, death is trampled to death!  Death just isn't that strong. You can do this: Claim the gift and live a new life.

My favorite verse of an Easter hymn:  "Soar we now where Christ has led..."  Well, I'm lucky if I just hover. Soaring is a dream for me now. But I'm up. I'm new. I'm part of this rumor of resurrection. It has come to me, too. And it is now a reality. So it is for you!  So it is for you!

I hope you soar!  Happy new life!  That is my prayer for each of you and for all of us together!  Soar!

Jan Erickson Pearson

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