Creativity is Good for the Soul

In the beginning God created.

We are created in His image.

So, we create.

All earthly things are the shadows of heavenly realities—the expression, in created, visible forms, of the invisible glory of God. ~ Andrew Murray, The True Vine

So much is in the news about creativity and how it’s good for the soul. Famous authors writing books on the topic. Adult coloring books are even on the New York Times best sellers list.

Over Labor Day weekend I learned to crochet. Once I got the hang of it, I found that the process of making simple stitches can be very meditative – the fluid motion of the needle in my hand is almost like breathing. The creative process brings me joy! And, for a time, I can let stress, pain and the constant buzz in my mind reside somewhere else.

Just yesterday I shared three posts on creativity. One encouraging coloring for pain management. Another about rogue artists that anonymously create chalk art and leave for others to enjoy. And pediatric patients whose spirits are lifted by the bright and colorful wooden “lily pads” lovingly created for them sit on while being transported through the hospital along with their IV poles.

I recently finished Emily P. Freeman’s book “A Million Little Ways” where she shares that all of us were born to make art – to live art. Why? Because God created us as his art - his poem. Art is already in us and it needs to come out of us. And when we work to uncover it and trust Him to release it for His glory, others can see Him because they’re finally see us.

Do you see yourself as an artist? I hope so. As Emily Freeman says, “We arrived here as art and we spend our lives uncovering the beauty we have to offer. As the community of humanity, we will do that in a million different little ways.” Paintbrushes and crochet hooks can create something beautiful but we also need to discover our potential as artists with our words, gestures, attitudes and relationships. Smiles, hugs, making a meal, listening, waiting, trusting, sharing stories, complimenting, connecting, forgiving, nurturing, showing grace.

We are God’s poem. Go forth and create. Your entire life – the beauty and the messiness – when released into the world, becomes the masterpiece where others can see the glory of God.

Nancy Nickoley

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