Creating Ripples

My family was on a lake recently and I marveled at how water reacts to both large and small pebbles and rocks: It creates a string of ripples, always growing bigger in diameter.

But, a bunch of large pebbles create ripples with ever-increasing circles that begin to overlap. The water begins to become one unified circle, all ripples moving together as one and no longer separate.

Science tells us: “When a stone or an object is thrown into the water some energy transformation takes place” from

And: When water ripples from two different sources cross over, two things may happen. If the trough of one wave meets or overlaps with the crest of a different wave on the same spot, they cancel each other out to create a 'flattened' wave of zero amplitude and the water surface looks flat. If the crest of one wave meets the crest of another wave in the same spot, the crests add together to create a larger wave (or a wave with greater amplitude). From

I see the energy and growth of ripples as part of the purpose for life. First, we focus and transform our energy. Then, we can meet together to amplify our generosity, our servant hearts, and our impact, both inside and outside our community. We can see that in reaction to tragedies such as the Boston Marathon bombing, or the Orlando night club tragedy. But, even better, we accomplish amplifying the impact through God’s Grace, as we reach out from me, to we, to the world.

Enjoy the ripples you make this week, as they are likely to become a part of something bigger than yourself!

John 7:38   Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

Sarah Thompson

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