Common Bond

After a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal, I am not sure what possesses me to go down to the nearest Walmart for Black Friday deals. It is like a zoo full of people trying to buy stuff. There are horror stories of people pushing other people out of the way, but it was different here. I was lined up with other people waiting to get a BBQ grill and when the whistle blew, we started helping each other so that everybody had this heavy grill in their shopping carts. It seemed like people were working for some kind of common goal so that everybody had a grill in their shopping cart. It was quite amazing.

I saw natural disasters that seemed to be another sort of common goal where people came together to help each other. There was 9/11, tsunami, Philippines, and even the heavy flooding in Boulder. People came together to deliver supplies. People came together to look for other people trapped. People came together to clean up and fix the disaster areas. It is quite amazing to see how people come together to accomplish what needed to be done.
But doesn’t it seem that there has to be this incredible act of disaster or incredible sale or something out of the ordinary where people come together for something? There are homeless people in the streets where people ignore them. There are people hurt in the hospital and no family or friends visit them. We have family members that we don’t even want to visit any time of the year. Does it take a huge flood or avalanche or sale or something spectacular to pay attention to the homeless, hurt, or weird family members? It should not.

Christmas is the birth of Christ. He is the reason for the season. Instead of throwing money at this and that, we should be spending time not money to visit people. You see somebody cold without warm clothes then you should go get a jacket for that cold person. Talk to that person so his or her heart will be warm as well. I know some family members are really annoying, but they are family. Talk to the family member so that maybe some walls will be broken and relationships can be repaired. People these days do so much stuff that they don’t have time to breathe. Make the time for those who are hurting. It is very lonely being in a hospital bed hurting.

When Christ was here, He did all sorts of healing and miracles and teachings and etc. There was one thing that was in common with all of these things and that is He spent time with people, all sorts of people. It was his favorite thing to do. I hope this will be our favorite thing to do during the holiday season. Husbands and wives spend time with each to reflect how wonderful the year went. Children spend time with parents to show how grateful for all the things parents do for their children and vice versa. Spend time with the less fortunate so they can feel whole for a little while.

What do we all have in common? We’re human. Have a great holiday season.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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