WWCD? (What Would Claudia Do?)

The Claudia Larson Servant’s Heart Fund

Total Received $4,827!

Claudia Larson has led GGCC to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus in the world: locally, regionally, nationally and globally. The Claudia Larson Servant’s Heart Fund will support the GGCC Ready to Bless Funds (RTB) which enables response to financial needs. We are grateful for all Claudia has done to serve and allow us to join Jesus in his mercy to change me, we and the world. The Servant’s Heart Fund is an opportunity to thank and honor Claudia’s leadership among us and for continuing to allow us to follow.

Here are examples of what your financial gift will do:

  • $100 will provide tutoring to improve literacy and math skills in Whiz Kids at Confluence Ministries.
  • $50 will provide salad for a Confluence Incarnational Leadership Initiative Luncheon.
  • $680 will provide a month’s financial support to our missionary Bismark in Costa Rica through Love, Light and Melody.
  • $25 will provide project tools and supplies for an Extreme Community Makeover Workday to build relationships with and among neighbors to grow pride in their homes and community.
  • $300 will provide a month’s rent for the Booneville, MS Boys & Girls Club to give youth the skills they need to be successful, leaders and away from risky behaviors.
  • $200 will provide an outing to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for 14 kids from the Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives to reward good behavior and build relationships to keep young people out of gangs.
  • $500 will provide resources for Convoy of Hope to respond to crisis situations from natural disasters around the world.
  • A $1,630 gift will pay one month of the GGCC RTB regular commitments.

You can donate via check noted “Servant’s Heart Fund” placed in the offering basket or mail: GGCC, PO Box 631633, Littleton, CO 80163; or online at the Give button, noting Servant’s Heart Fund on the Other line. www.GodsGraceCC.com.