Christmas Is Coming

The warm glow of an evening at the theatre with good friends was keeping the cold December air from stinging my hands. Leah and I were waiting for our men to return with the car. The other couple with us was standing in the warmth of a nearby store. We were soon approached by a young gal who seemed to be cold and shivering. Her thin leather coat wasn’t enough to keep her warm on a night like this. Just as I was making that assessment a little doggy head popped out from behind her zipper. Here it comes I thought to myself…a plea for money. Sure enough she asked.

I usually believe that my $$’s to the homeless should go to the Denver Rescue Mission, believing it will go farther and help more people. There was something about this girl and her little dog that begged me to listen. She stammered and shuffled her feet, feeling awkward and embarrassed about asking for money. She couldn’t find a shelter that would take her with her pooch. She said she was hungry and had just been kicked out of her apartment and had no money. Her story may have been a story, but something kept us listening.

I gave her my leftover food bag and dug some money out of my purse. Leah did the same. We asked her if she had some family that she could go to. She said she could maybe go to her dad but she wasn’t sure he would welcome her. We encouraged her to call him and get him to buy her a bus ticket home.

“He’ll be mad ‘cause I’ve screwed up,” she argued.

We assured her that as a parent it wouldn’t matter what mistakes our kids had made we loved them and would want to know they were safe.

“Just call him, tell him you are sorry and that you need him.”

As she was turning to leave I gave her a hug and told her not to worry, it would all be okay.  Leah and I stood in silence for a moment and then turned to each other and caught the tears we were both trying to hold back.

“It is better to err on the side of Grace isn’t it…,” Leah said softly.

Like the prodigal son whose father ran to great him, like the woman at the well who received living water, like the blind, the sick, the lost…Grace is the gift that changes who we are forever.

Abba, help me to remember that all I need do is call you and say I’m sorry, I messed up…help me to be a better person and to let go of my past mistakes and missteps! Father this Holiday season; show me ways that I may continue to offer your Grace to your children like homeless young girls and their puppies.

Julie Weldon

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