Our three younger kids, who are triplets, were born almost 21 years ago, entering the world 14 weeks early. Their 3 month hospital stay was somewhat of a blur…a time filled with a roller–coaster ride of emotions, some days of celebration and some days of tense anticipation with questions of “what if…” It was a time I wouldn't wish upon any new parents. During those months, probably 99% of the time I was filled with confidence and faith that they would be fine- healthy and without consequence of their severe prematurity. It was at some point during the remaining 1% of the time that I had a conversation with a close friend which remains with me today. I was asking rhetorical questions like “why couldn't’t I have had a normal delivery of one baby, like everyone else….” And “ what if I can’t take care of all 3 babies…” Among the encouraging words she offered that day, she said…”God chose you to be the mother of these three babies. He would not have chosen you unless he knew you could handle it.”

God chose you…Those are powerful words. I often think back to that conversation, especially during times that I question my abilities as a parent. She didn't say you will be a perfect parent and always make good decisions, she said "God chose you... to be their parent." As faithful followers of Jesus, aren’t we challenged to abide by the idea that “ God has a plan for us”…each and every one of us? I’m guessing that many of us question what exactly that plan is, especially during times of hardship and apathy. Why is it we wait for the storms of our lives to ponder upon the tough questions? When times are good, we should remind ourselves that God chose us to_______. You fill in the blank. It’s easy to look at your neighbor’s life and think they have things so much easier, so much more stress-free. We think they have it all…good relationships and health, perfect kids and marriage, no financial worries. But none of  us know what God has chosen for them, nor the plan He has for them. Sometimes I find myself praying for those friends who seem to “have it all together” as much as for the ones with struggles. Maybe I just don’t know of their burdens?

At least for today, fill your head and your heart with the reminder that you indeed were chosen by God for something very special, very important. God Chose You!

Andrea Heshmati

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