Are you a fast chooser or a slow chooser?  The truth comes out in a candy store.  My sister was (is?) a slow chooser.  Our grandpa would take us to the store when he went to get his daily newspapers and we were allowed to pick out one candy or small, inexpensive toy.  Those trips could turn into long times of frustration as she took forever to pick out her treat.  She just couldn’t decide what to choose.

Choosing what to have for dinner is nothing compared to choosing the next step to take in a career transition or major life decision.   Choosing what to wear can often be a time-consuming prospect but it’s a silly choice when faced with choosing options for the appropriate care for our loved ones; either our children or our aging parents.

We’ve all experienced the joy of being chosen (Yay!) and the disappointment of being rejected or not chosen (Sigh).  It’s pretty easy to allow our self-image to be tied to whether we feel chosen or rejected by others.  Being subject to the results of others’ choosing can make us feel so powerless.

But just like the unconditional love of my grandpa who always let us choose, regardless of how long it took, we can rest assured that we have been chosen by Jesus.   We know this because he tells us so in John 15:9-17.  From The Message, Jesus tells us:
Make yourselves at home in my love. (vs 9)
• You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you. (vs 16)

Jesus has chosen us and it’s not because of anything we’ve done or not done.   We know that because in verse 15 he tells us that we are not his servants or slaves, but we are his friends.  True friends don’t need to work hard to be chosen, but are accepted and loved.  How cool is that?   It doesn’t matter if you’re a fast or a slow chooser.  It’s completely unimportant what team we get chosen or rejected for.  We are chosen by Jesus and that allows us to rest in him, abide in him and follow him into the world.

Friends and Beloved of Christ, you have been chosen to go into this world with the message of God’s love.  Bear fruit of hope and joy, peace and justice, with everyone you meet.  May God’s peace be with you. AMEN


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